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Welcome to The Beauty & Skin Clinic beauty in hull

Welcome to The Beauty & Skin Clinic beauty in hull

Welcome to The Beauty & Skin Clinic beauty in hullWelcome to The Beauty & Skin Clinic beauty in hull

Treatment Menu: Lashes & Brow Bar



 The state of your eyebrows completely influences the way you currently feel about yourself...true story!

Good Brows = Good Vibes!! You know we're right?!

You know how you stand a little taller and keep your head up a little higher and you make lots of eye contact with people and smiles; you just feel so much more powerful, happy & confident!?

Yeah, well you'll be way more likely to actually do that when your brows look freaking amazing!!

Keen to lift your brow game & your mood?? Look at our brow menu below.

Brow wax £7 - Shaping & taming the brows keeping you looking fresh

Brow wax & Tint £15 - add depth to the brow with a tiny lasting 4 weeks

Henna Brow *coming soon - pm for discounts*

Brow Design £40. Do you just not have a clue what your doing when it comes to your brows? Like you try to draw a brow on and its just a fat slug on your face. We get it your looking for good vibes but your getting more drag queen vibes. Its literally 7AM & its to early for this shit! We hear you babe! Brow design is a brow wax & tint of the brows with a micro lesson on how to draw your brows perfectly & fast every damn morning plus a free brow pencil on us! We look forward to seeing you soon.

If your looking for more permanent solutions you may want to consider microblading or powder brows for longer lasting results.  For more information please click on New Brows below.



If you though brows brought good vibes you should totally combo that up with lashes.

Amazing Brows + Amazing lashes = Amazing Vibes.

This combo will be having you looking fierce & ready for the day as soon as you wake up. Your ready to level up in the game, face that co-workerw ho just doesn't shut up, go in and demand that promotion you've over worked for and more than deserving or your just ready for the world to look at you and notice how beautiful you are? Well your gonna feel mega powerful when you have lashes (or lashes & brows!) tweaked to perfection.

Lash Tint £10

Lash Lift & Tint £35 

Revolutionary natural lash treatment. LVL straightens your natural eyelashes at the root, creating the effect of longer, lifted lashes with a beautiful dark tint lasting 6-8 weeks. Includes relaxing head and scalp massage. Top up tint at 4 weeks is suggested to really get longer lasting results.

Dangerously Beautiful (Silver) £48 - Brow wax & tint with lash lift & tint

Dangerously Beautiful (Gold) £70 - Brow design, mini lesson, lash lift & tint, free brow pencil &  a complimentary £10 facial voucher.

*patch test required 24-48 prior to service.